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We provide a free webchat for lesbians from all over the world. This chat is protected by membership from unwanted access. If you would like to chat, you need to register with SHOE International (free of charge).



Best ever chatting for lesbians anywhere!

With our brand new mobile chat client you can hook up with your friends anytime anywhere. It's easy to use and much fun!

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Our Lesbian Community provides Networking, Friendship, Dating and Resources for Lesbians Everywhere and Anywhere - of all Ages, Races and Cultures.

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lesbian community

We are a Lesbian Community, a safe place where women not only meet new friends and have lots of fun, but also a safe place, where we are there for each other, where we help each other, where to empower each other and build a unit...

A real lesbian community with Body and Soul and the ♥ Heart ♥ in the right place!

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lesbian chat

All of the female species are welcome to join the SHOE Lesbian Network. We are primarily a Lesbian Community but welcome all women. SHOE is free for everyone.

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Our Lesbian Online Community has a fresh, kewl and different way to cruise through lesbian cyber life. We no longer burn our bras, but wear our Wonderbras with Pride :-)

We want to help lesbians to be proud of who they are and give them the chance to meet other lesbians in a very easy and uncomplicated way. In reality or cyberworld. For friendship or love. For advice or help. We are here for each other.

Made by Lesbians for Lesbians

made by lesbians for lesbians

Since 1997 we provide web applications for lesbians from all over the world :-)